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Somatic Cell Transfer

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If human cloning proceeds, one method scientists can use is somatic cell nuclear transfer, which is the same procedure that was used to create Dolly the sheep. Somatic cell nuclear transfer begins when doctors take the egg from a donor and remove the nucleus of the egg, creating an enucleated egg. A cell, which contains DNA, is then taken from the person who is being cloned. The enucleated egg is then fused together with the cloning subject's cell using electricity. This creates an embryo, which is implanted into a surrogate mother through in vitro fertilization. If the procedure is successful, then the surrogate mother will give birth to a baby that is a clone of the cloning subject at the end of a normal gestation period. Of course, the success rate is only about one or two out of 100 embryos. It took 277 attempts to create Dolly. Take a look at the graphic below to see how the somatic cell nuclear transfer cloning process works.


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