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Human Cloning: Are We Playing God?

Human Cloning:

Are We Playing God?

                        Science has already proven that cloning animals of different species is not too much to ask for.  Cloning of humans is next on the agenda.  Countries all over the world are in what seems to be a race to have the first human clone.  Even though some side effects of cloning include malformations, rapid aging and sudden death, scientists are still pushing forward with eagerness.  With the population already skyrocketing, human clones would add to the population rise.  For criminals, human clones could be the ticket needed to escape imprisonment for a crime committed.  Cloning of human beings is immoral and should not be advanced because we are not the creators of man, God is.

              Many of the animals that have already been cloned have experienced a number of side effects.  Some have experienced anything from rapid aging to sudden death.  Knowing that these and other malformations are possible when cloning is a scary thought.  Cloning humans that have disabilities, retardation, severe medical issues, rapid aging or any other side effect would be outrageous.  Think of all the infants that are born these days with disabilities and birth defects.  Some parents who give birth to these children give them away because dealing with the issue is too much to handle.  Since science is unable to guarantee that every human cloned would be a healthy, viable clone, cloning of humans should not happen.

            The world is over populated now with the ever rising increase in births.  There are so many children born each year who are unwanted and have to be placed in orphanages and foster homes. Homeless people line the streets in many cities and towns with no place to live, no job, no money and no food.  Schools are bursting with children and not enough classrooms to hold them.  Having human clones live among us would add to the over population, the national debt, the health care crisis and many more issues.  Taking care of the world issues that are presently at risk should take priority over cloning humans.  If cloning humans became an every day thing, think of all the evil those clones could be used for.   Criminals could have a clone made to take their punishment for a crime committed.  There would be clones in the classrooms and at offices while the natural humans are on the beaches and golf courses.

            Millions of years ago man was created by God, not man created by man.  God created Adam from the clay of the earth and Eve from clay and a rib from Adam.  He gave man the capability to produce offspring.  Ultimately, cloning humans is playing God. Taking “making man” into the hands of science is not the way God intended man to reproduce. 

God has given many individuals on earth today great minds.  These minds need to focus on curing AIDS, ending world hunger, finding a home for all the abandoned and orphaned children, and many other issues before worrying about cloning another human being.

            Human cloning is not far from being achieved in the world of science.  Thinking through all the things that can go wrong and who will care for that sick clone when there are so many ill people now with no care.  Scientist should remember that once a clone is made it is a living human being and deserves the same care as the rest of the human race. Considering if it is really worth cloning a horde of malformed, aging clones just to obtain one perfect clone is really the only way to see that cloning humans is immoral.




Remember that children are a gift from GOD.

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